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Leading Edge exists to increase the capacity of Christian leaders to rebuild communities of faith founded on relationships of love and trust.

We focus support on efforts made by leaders who competently serve those who are spiritually seeking or physically hurting living in the mainstreams or on the margins of communities abroad.


Servant leadership
Effective leaders model energy, competence and vision. Leaders of LEI projects also:

  • Demonstrate personal allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ,
  • Exhibit good character recognized by local peers
  • Pay attention to empowering the next generation of servant leaders who follow in their footsteps.

Long-term Sustainability
Our partners are determined to demonstrate that locally devised, controlled and resourced charities can sustain viable services valued by their neighbors.


Leading Edge serves Christians working with charities abroad by providing a reliable, efficient and friendly home for receiving, receipting and distributing charitable gifts that are sourced from the USA.

  • By researching our partners' integrity and requiring accountability for their effectiveness, we leverage their fundraising efforts with US donors.
  • We promote and advocate for locally led and resourced ministries.
  • When appropriate we provide counsel and mentoring on leadership development, strategic planning, non-profit financial management and fundraising.


In 700 B.C. the prophet Isaiah wrote how God envisions His people recovered after surviving years of military defeat, exile, humiliation and poverty.

In Chapter 61 Isaiah calls on many images to describe how wonderful the renewed nation will look when the perfect king finally comes. Our favorites are the pictures of mighty oaks growing out of ashes and the prospect of cities being rebuilt where ruins used to be. "Oaks from Ashes; Communities from Ruins"

Isaiah's vision raises this question for us today. "Where does God want Leading Edge to be?" We think getting "out on the edge" where news about Jesus is struggling to even to take root in the rugged and even ruined parts of this world.

We believe in supporting national leaders who demonstrate strong Christian character (the oaks in our vision). In turn they will find the best ways to restore their local communities by loving and speaking the truth about God with their neighbors. And we do not expect the benefits to remain local. We anticipate that once the gospel truly transforms followers into leaders and groups into communities, they will transmit their heart, vision and know-how to the rest of their nation and to other nations beyond.


Two features of the Leading Edge logo were designed to attract attention:

Logo L The crossed "L" reminds us that all life and all work has a potentially eternal dimension because in Jerusalem 2000 years ago Jesus offered his life for ours on a Roman cross. Jesus is not only the origin of our individual spiritual lives, but also holds the first place of honor in our corporate work.

Logo GG Second are the tiny acorns hanging on the green "g's". One acorn is mature, the other still green. These acorns represent our critical task: finding and supporting Christian leaders.


Pavel & Maria Bulgin, our logo designers. bbgsolutions@gmail.com


"Isaiah 61: Recovery under the Perfect King"
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