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Pray With Paul (2009)
Have you ever wondered what to pray for believers in other countries? ... PDF Icon More »

Pray For Eurasia (2010)
What happened to the Gospel in Eurasia? ... PDF Icon More »

Pray For Czech Republic (2011)
Czechs live in the most secularized country in Europe. ... PDF Icon More »

Pray For Romania (2012)
Dacia first adopted Christianity from Roman settlers. But after the Huns and Ottomans ... PDF Icon More »

Pray For Poland (2012)
Catholicism dominates the religious faith of Poles. ... PDF Icon More »

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Helmer, Donald. (2009) More About Oak Trees

Were you ever asked this pair of rhetorical questions? First, "How many acorns are on a oak tree?" Followed by, "How many oak trees are in an acorn?" The first question consumers and census-takers ask. These are people who care about counting things that exist now... PDF Icon More »

Helmer, Donald. (2006) Review: CS Lewis, Until We Have Faces

My favorite phrase from this tale because of its deep yet delightful language is "a dream strayed into daylight." It is used in context of Orual getting a glimpse of Psyche's dream castle... PDF Icon More »

Raus, Pavel. (2002) Barriers to Church Growth in the Czech Culture

This paper will first map some of the changes in the Czech society after 1989 as observed and described by different secular articles. Later, several different barriers the non-churched Czech people have to cross in order to become Christians will be discussed... PDF Icon More »

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Bible Studies

Helmer, Donald. (2009) Isaiah 61: Recovery Under the Perfect King

The mission and motto of Leading Edge is derived from the text of this prophecy written by Isaiah. The prophet predicted a "year" when a just king (clearly Israel's Messiah by the characteristics given this king) arrives to rescue the people of Israel from sadness, poverty and oppression and restore them to joy, justice and plenty. PDF Icon More »

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Helmer, Donald. (2012) Give Like The Widow - Study Notes

After rebuking the Pharisees for heartlessly taking all that widows have, Jesus observes a widow freely giving all she has. Knowing that God is watching our hearts when we give ... PDF Icon More »

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