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ARKA, Poland
Reaching Polish society through education.
Need - $10,000More »

Sort - Organization, Education, Poland, Europe

Central Eurasian Partners, United Kingdom
United to promote mission at the edge of our societies.
Need - Your Prayers • More »

Sort - Organization, Services, Europe, Eurasia

C.S. Lewis Schools, Slovakia
Bilingual Christian education for Slovak youth.
Need - $500,000More »

Sort - Organization, Education, Slovakia, Europe

Daruvar Community Center, Croatia
Trusting God for 100 new believers and 10 new leaders.
Need - $6,000Give »

Sort - Organization, Church, Croatia, Europe

Daybreak Counseling Center, Poland
Counsel Polish pastors and Christians facing personal and spiritual difficulties.
Need - Your Prayers • More »

Sort - Organization, Counseling, Poland, Europe

D3 Navigators, Bulgaria
Insiders spreading the gospel of Jesus organically throughout Bulgaria.
Need - $10,000Give »

Sort - Organization, Training, Bulgaria, Europe

D3 Association, Slovakia
Changing the world the same way Jesus did, one by one.
Need - $10,000More »

Sort - Organization, Training, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Europe

European Center for Study of War and Peace, Croatia
Transformation by intellectual exploration of war, peace and reconciliation.
Need - as per budgetGive »

Sort - Organization, School, Croatia, Europe

Integra Foundation, Slovakia
Business Solutions to Poverty.
Need - $10,000More »

Sort - Organization, Development, Slovakia, Russia, Kenya, Bulgaria, Romania, Europe, Eurasia, Africa

Integra Russia, Russia
Business Solutions to Poverty in Russia.
Need - $30,000More »

Sort - Organization, Eurasia, Russian Speaking

Mission To The East, Eurasia
Participate in lives to communicate the Good News about Jesus Christ
Need - $200 per monthMore »

Sort - Organization, Missions, Poland, Ukraine, Eurasia

Mirt Ministry Center, Russia
Developing Christian leaders who can think.
Need - $10,000More »

Sort - Organization, Eurasia, Russian Speaking

Parakletos, Czech Republic
Counsel that strengthens and heals relationships.
Need - $12,800More »

Sort - Organization, Counseling, Czech Republic, Europe

Petko R. Slaveikov School, Bulgaria
Licensed Education for Children in Bulgaria
Need - $10,000More »

Sort - Organization, Education, Bulgaria, Europe

Porta Libri, Slovakia
Every soul in Slovakia reads the Gospel with understanding
Need - $10,000Give »

Sort - Organization, Publishing, Slovakia, Europe

SLOT, Poland
Summer Art Festival in Lubiaz, Poland
Need - $63,700More »

Sort - Organization, Arts and Culture, Poland, Europe

Christian musical group "Spasenie"
Original Christian band playing concerts to honor the Savior, Jesus.
More »

Sort - Missions, Evangelism, Eurasia

Youth For Christ, Poland
Change Polish youth through the gospel.
Need - $10,000More »

Sort - Organization, Training, Poland, Europe