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As partners, we are involved in many ambitious projects for the spread of the gospel: schools in Poland and Slovakia, artistic projects, business and training including a building firm in Central Asia, charitable and educational work among needy families, sports and language camps, arts festivals, establishing new fellowships... all are proactive and creative platforms through which the gospel permeates our societies.

Over the course of the past twenty years, Central and Eastern Europe as well as Asia have experienced vast societal changes. Most people have not had the advantage of growing up in Christian homes. Before they're ready to receive the good news of the gospel of Christ, the soil of their hearts must be prepared. How? That's the question that has confronted CEP partners.

Recognizing the missed opportunities of the past we seek to take mission to the edge of our societies with honesty, integrity, cultural relevance and sensitivity.

  • We are committed to meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people.
  • The workers are few; the needs many. We believe that there are great opportunities to serve the Lord.


  • To maximize the impact of the Gospel in Central Europe and Central Asia by matching the experience and resources of western partners with the cultural sensitivity, financial resourcefulness and relational networks of eastern partners.
  • To cultivate God's kingdom values in new and effective ways, develop the local church in discipleship and missions to spread the gospel; and fill the nations from Central Europe to Central Asia with His presence.
  • To practically help one another by training leaders, promoting the work and working together through local initiatives.

Our Values:
Our highest priority is to serve God, not to further our own denominations or organizations. We must be united in our diversity, respectful of one another, above reproach in financial and ethical issues and training new leaders through discipleship and by example.

As committed, mission-minded leaders of Christian initiatives in the Central Eurasian region we desire to work together in unity, empowering the Body of Christ to penetrate and permeate our nations with the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom.

Board UK Registered Charity

  • Malcolm Clegg
  • Steve Dengate
  • Andy Elliot
  • Katherine Hillcoat
  • John Levick
  • Richard Webb

UK Servant-Promoter, Katherine Hillcoat
USA Servant-Promoter, Don Helmer

Reaching our societies more effectively requires a team of united, trained and inspired workers who can engage with local issues in a relevant manner whilst furthering the Great Commission in Central Eurasia.

To promote the work of CEP, we need to expand the circles in which we work, specifically seeking to build a network of project partners and advocates from the West. Key people from outside the Central Eurasian region are needed to carry responsibility: being involved in mutual projects such as training, camps and finance raising; but not to control or dictate the work.

Some of the innovative outreaches operating in our network:

  • Integra is helping to relieve poverty and restore dignity to vulnerable by the creation of jobs,
  • Daybreak and Parakletos provide counseling to people who are struggling with issues from their past and trying to make a better life in the present.
  • Schools in Poland, Bulgaria, and Slovakia are introducing children to gospel truths and helping them choose to live healthy and productive lives. Young people are learning about how to care for and serve their communities, care for the environment, and even address issues of justice.
  • Developing “Fair Trade” partners in Africa.
  • D3 is introducing university students to the Bible as a book that's relevant to their lives today on a campus in Bulgaria,
  • All shine as lights in dark places. This is taking place in the Muslim world, at the university, in schools, in business, and in secular and even atheistic societies.
  • Through summer camps in Slovakia and Poland, many families and individuals have the opportunity to take a break from the day-to-day pressures of life. Fellowship and exposure to biblical concepts and values are teaching these people how to live out their faith.
  • In Bulgaria, a professor at an American university is helping students see science-and life-from a Christian perspective.
  • English language instruction that broadens future opportunities in a multitude of areas for young people.