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"Daybreak" is a Christian counseling and coaching ministry focusing on leadership development and personal growth based on the authority of the Scripture and intimate relationship with Christ.

Encourage, equip Christian leaders, pastors and individuals by strengthening their personal relationship with God through counseling.


  • Show compassion to those in need.
  • Introduce them to the truth of God's love, forgiveness and care.


  • New initiative of Daybreak ministry is "Pastors2Pastors" (P2P) - a small group coaching ministry serving evangelical pastors and Christian leaders of all denominations across Poland. P2P will provide the support structures, affirmation, honest feedback and leadership training on the basis of coaching as well as functioning team for Christian leaders in a safe and confidential community.
  • Continuing work of "Selah" (Musical Pause in Hebrew) - providing pastors and church leaders with an opportunity to rest and find afresh intimacy with God in their personal life. Strategic goals and tasks include organization of at least two "Selah" retreats this year.
  • "Individual counseling" - we continue to serve as a counseling ministry, especially for pastoral couples who are facing various struggles in their life and ministry.
  • Please download our new brochure: Daybreak Brochure.