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Current Need: $10,000
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Integra develops model small businesses among the poor of Central Europe, Eurasia and Africa and helps them to run as models of integrity and good practice.

In the countries of post-communist Central Europe and Eurasia, Business as Mission remains a completely unknown idea.

We work to create businesses and economic opportunities that provide a life of dignity for the vulnerable, in the name of Christ.

We want to grow the number of businesses that:

  • Provide jobs for the vulnerable
  • Contribute finances to mission in Slovakia and Africa
  • Help the poor climb out of poverty

Funding Goals:

  • $18,000 St. Anna's School Bus Project - Murang'a, Kenya.
  • $30 per month. Child sponsorships or scholarships. TAPA, Malaika in Kenya. Bishoftu MTE Children's Center in Ethiopia.
  • $85,500 Enterprise Solutions - Bratislava, Slovakia. Oil Partners, Ten Senses (Fair Trade), Samay Coffee (Fair Trade).
  • $70,100 Business Solutions - Moscow refugees and "At Risk" women.

Since 1995, Integra has helped grow hundreds of small enterprises in 7 countries of Central Europe, Eurasia and Africa. Please download our 2010 Annual Report


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  • Integra Foundation - Beata Dubova
  • Integra Russia - Neil Lessman
  • Integra Malaika (Kenya, Ethiopia) -– Caulene Bussard
  • Integra Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan) - Allan Bussard