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"To Strengthen and Heal Relationships for the Glory of God"

Current Need: $12,000
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As Christian counselors we serve the church and individual believers by creating a safe place to conduct training for church counselors; to teach seminars in the areas of marriage and family, pastoral care and Christian counseling and to mentor individuals, Christian leaders and their families.

The people of the Czech Republic live in a highly secularized society. In Prague, 4 in 1000 attend church and more believe in UFO's than in God. For most Czechs, the church is at best, irrelevant to their lives. Yet, people do respond when the Church organizes programs, which address their personal needs.

Czech Christians will meet, know and grow in Christ and non-Christians will understand the Gospel on a deep, personal, level.

We create a safe, honest, and intimate place to:

  • Conduct training for church counselors
  • Teach seminars about marriage and family living
  • Provide pastoral care and Christian counseling
  • Mentor individuals, Christian leaders and their families.

Funding Goal:

  • $12,723 for establishing an office for local counseling sessions and base for speaking and conference teaching ministry.