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Slot is a grass-roots movement unifying people for whom Christianity is the inspiration for involvement in culture, education and society. This group of people formed an association in 2003 in order to help them fulfill these goals.

Since 1993 Slot has been organizing the SLOT ART FESTIVAL, which is a constantly growing meeting place for over 6,000 seeking young people from Poland and 30 other countries. The festival brings together 1000 volunteers as well as a few hundred artists, speakers and instructors. The festival has 140 workshops and seminars, 7 stages (music and performance), lots of little cafes and clubs, a social initiatives fair, sporting events, cinema, theatre, art galleries and it's own festival TV station.

The Festival "city" is built every year in one of the largest palace/monastery complexes in Europe. It lasts for 5 days and nights. But, for thousands of people in hundreds of places it's influence can be felt during whole year. This year we meet July 6-10 in Lubiaz.


1) So far, SLOT activities are funded almost entirely from ticket sales. In 2017, the community aims to develop and pilot a fundraising strategy. The goal is to invite the people whose lives have already been changed by the festival to give their time, skills and money to support the younger generation. Fundraising is a relatively new idea in Poland, which just recently moved into the "middle income" category and people are just starting to earn disposable income. To employ one person as fundraiser for the period of one year, develop a fundraising strategy, and train the SLOT leadership board on the basics of fundraising, SLOT is looking to raise $31,500. 

2) The annual need for the Festival is $32,300 which represent only 15% of the total budget. Most of the budget is funded by local grants and fee income.


People who can meet and share themselves, their abilities and talents and find joy in the process!

  • To motivate young people to grow and develop in every area of their lives, to have a creative disposition towards life and to be involved in the world around them.
  • To network, share resources, and cooperate with like-minded people and organizations.
  • To find in the life and teachings of Jesus answers for the questions of the post-modern person and world he is part of.
  • To try to be part of these answers especially in the spheres of culture, art, education, society as a whole, as well as in our local communities.


For 5 days and nights over 5,000 people gather to learn, share, listen, study, create, build, play, converse, perform, meet new people, help, become more radical. All of this takes place in a peaceful, open and expectant atmosphere.


SLOT is more of a movement than an organization. It for sure isn't stuck in a certain place or time and it's never exactly the same as it was before. It's hard to find the border of ideals when they are carried in the heart of people.

SLOT is a platform of unity for those who find their inspiration for involvement in culture, education and society in Christianity.


  • $31,500 as a one-time gift or one-year commitment to develop and implement a sustainable fundraising strategy
  • $32,300 for Slot 2017 festival


This year we meet July 4-8, 2017 in Lubiaz (close to Wroclaw) on the grounds of one of the largest palace/monastery complexes in Europe. SLOT also organizes activities held throughout the year in cities all over Poland, often with the name SLOT FEST. 

  • Organize the SLOT ART FESTIVAL yearly.
  • Organize smaller scale local festivals, lectures, concerts, workshops, displays, exhibits, discussions groups, training programs and conferences.
  • Lead social initiatives i.e. supporting the development of social organizations and businesses, supporting fair trade, being involved in the movement fighting against modern day slavery.
  • Individual mentoring and coaching.
  • Nurture and support local fellowships, social action groups and organizations.
  • Train and place volunteers.


Hundreds of people each year experience a spiritual awakening and make steps toward living a more mature and productive life.

Thousands of people each year learn new skills, recognize and develop talents, learn how to use and share them with others.

Many people are forming new projects, organizations and communities which are becoming known sources of influence culturally and socially in Poland as well as other countries.  

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