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Vadim Babashkin - DAI, Finland - Russia
Connect to Discuss: Servant Leadership, Interactive Learning, Board Dev.
VadimB@leadedge.org - More »

Allan Bussard - Integra, Slovakia
Connect to Discuss: Business as Mission, Fair Trade, Poverty Alleviation,
Slovakia, Kenya, Sudan. - AllanB@leadedge.org - More »

Caulene Bussard - Integra, Slovakia
Connect to Discuss: Kenya, Malaika, Child Sponsorship.
CauleneB@leadedge.org - More »

Malcolm Clegg - ARKA, Poland
Connect to Discuss: Poland, Christian Education, Israel Trip, Arka
malcolm@leadedge.org - More »

Ralph Gatti - CEP, USA & Central Europe
Connect to Discuss: Central Europe, Bulgaria, Navigators, Fundraising.
ralph@leadedge.org - More »

Valery Morozov - Wycliffe, Russia
Connect to Discuss: Missionaries from Russia, Fundraising in Russia.
ValeryM@leadedge.org - More »

Roman Nosach - MIRT, Russia
Connect to Discuss: Russia, Leadership, Publishing, Developing Thinkers.
RomanN@leadedge.org - More »

Pavel Raus - Parakletos, Czech Republic
Connect to Discuss: Czech, Counseling, Secularism, Marriage.
PavelR@leadedge.org - More »

Pavel Shelpuk - Spasenie Band, Belarus
Connect to Discuss: Belarus, Evangelism, Music, Music Recording.
PavelS@leadedge.org - More »